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Time Wasters - What Habitual Parts of Your Day Need To Be Swept Aside?

Time Wasters - What Habitual Parts of Your Day Need To Be Swept Aside?

In the world of business today, everything is about productivity. While everyone’s version of productivity looks a little different, the feeling of guilt for not being productive is pretty universal. When that guilt sets in, it's easy to get lost in numbing it by scrolling through social media or by pursuing tasks that feel productive but ultimately don’t yield helpful results. In this episode, we talk about what to do with habits and processes (a.k.a. time wasters) that no longer serve us, and reshape our definition of productivity.

When thinking about habits that are time wasters, it’s easy to name things like scrolling TikTok or doing superficial “reorganizing” because those feel like conscious time wasters. It’s the unconscious time wasters that are much more insidious and hard to kick. Things like indecision, lack of planning, or even overplanning result in time wasted, whether we mean to or not.

Recognizing these things as time wasters allows us to start figuring out how to create new processes that better serve our productivity. By working to create new processes, we also give ourselves the chance to change the way we look at things previously labeled as time wasters that are actually worth our time, like a solid nap or connecting with others. This week, we consider what counts as a time waster, and what it looks like to stop defaulting to unhelpful habits and processes.