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Fueling Your Fire And Finding Your 'Why'–Featuring Guest Tammy Hannah

Fueling Your Fire And Finding Your 'Why'–Featuring Guest Tammy Hannah

Everyone can get bogged down in the chaos of life. Taking a step back to ask yourself why you're doing what you're doing can be a huge source of inspiration to carry us through the chaos. Special guest Tammy Hannah, CEO of Origami Brain Injury Rehabilitation Center, sits down with us this week to discuss her "whys" and how focusing on those pushed her through getting her MBA while managing a family and a rapidly growing care facility.

Balancing family life, business, and going back to school for an MBA all at once might sound impossible. But this episode’s guest, Tammy Hannah (CEO of Origami Brain Injury Rehabilitation Center), made it happen. Still, it wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows. What kept her going when she wanted to quit? Her self-motivators: taking a step back and reminding herself why she was getting her MBA to begin with, knowing that the chaos was only temporary.

Life gets crazy for everyone–whether we're stressed about managing family, work, school or all three (and then some). In this episode, we explore the power in stepping back from the chaos to ask ourselves why we're enduring the chaos. How can we gain perspective during stressful times? What self-motivators can help remind us how the outcome is worth the hard work? Or, in other words, what’s our “why"?

We sit down with Tammy to talk about her “why" and how persevering through hard work can pay off in the end.

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