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Strategy Series 10: Videos Work – Science Says So

Strategy Series
Strategy Series 10: Videos Work – Science Says So

Ever wonder why video is running the show on social media these days? In this week's episode, Karen explains the science and power behind successful videos and how high-quality video production translates into high ROI.

As social media has grown, so has the presence and success of video. When it comes to changing the behaviors of users, video has shown remarkable success on social media and beyond. But what's actually going on in the audience's brains that makes video so successful? How can we harness the ROI of video for our own brands, across formats?

Turns out, there's a science to creating and using video to your business's advantage – and after working in video production for more than 40 years, Karen knows a thing or two about it. In this week's Strategy Series, Karen gets technical and breaks down the audience appeal of video, as well as the videography details that can elevate a brand's message.