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Strategy Series 14: Sensory Branding

Strategy Series
Strategy Series 14: Sensory Branding

When we talk about branding, we often think about message, tone, voice, and visuals. But, truth is, branding can go so much further if we let it. It can truly be a sensory experience. In this minisode, Jen discusses how creative branding can appeal to the senses, and how that can be used to a business's advantage.

Our senses are directly linked to memory. That's why some of the most iconic brands in the world are attached to sounds (PlayStation's startup sound), taste (Olive Garden's mints), and scent (Delta Airlines). Our senses help us remember hyper-specific factors of a situation, thus cementing a brand in one's long-term memory. As marketers and business owners, it only makes sense that we would want to use this to our advantage.

Still, while sensory branding is an extremely effective marketing tool, it is often overlooked. How can your brand appeal to your audience's senses to make your product more memorable or build connection? All this and more in this week's Strategy Series episode.