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The Ripple Effect: What You Do Has an Impact

The Ripple Effect: What You Do Has an Impact

We like to think we live in bubbles, moving through life in our little corner of the world with familiar people. In truth, the ripple effect means our actions — big or small — affect people we’ve never even met.

Our actions have unseen consequences. Sure, we can witness our effect on the people in our own bubble, but our actions reach those we do not see and have not met. For example, the way we interact with our coworkers can impact the way they interact with their friends and families.

There’s a bigger picture to this, too. The ripple effect guides culture, community, and future generations; like it or not, our actions endure.

Simply recognizing that you matter and being cognizant of how you move through the world can make all the difference, big or small. Join us as we talk all about it.