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Why 'Entrepreneurial Rigor' Isn't An Oxymoron

Why 'Entrepreneurial Rigor' Isn't An Oxymoron

People say creativity and entrepreneurship should be open and fluid and free. But could they be disciplined and methodical instead? And what would that look like? That's where rigor comes in.

We normally see rigor associated with scientists or academics, but what does it look like for entrepreneurs in the creative industry? We may not like to admit it, but nothing sets the foundation for success like entrepreneurial rigor. We can have infinite creative ideas floating around in our heads; still, at the end of the day, we need rigor to get the job done. Whether through heavy critique, detailed explanations or well-established processes, self-discipline is necessary for making our good ideas even better.

Rigor isn't an antonym for creativity. It's what makes space for natural creativity to happen. Despite the negative connotations, entrepreneurial rigor doesn't have to imply rigid rules or harsh constraints. At its core, rigor is the ability dig beneath the surface to further improve our ideas. How we apply it to our specific industries and businesses is up to us.

This episode, we explore all of the nuances of entrepreneurial rigor: how it differs from traditional rigor, why creatives tend to ignore it, and how we can use it to create strategic solutions.