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Courtney Millbrook: Creating Purpose and Longevity

Courtney Millbrook: Creating Purpose and Longevity

What does it feel like to nurture something that is larger than yourself, with an enduring legacy? Our guest knows precisely what it feels like to hold space for an organization that is nearly 100 years old, and to uphold all of its expectations and lasting traditions. We talk about purpose and longevity with Courtney Millbrook, executive director of Lansing Symphony Orchestra.

Entrepreneurship is the ability to find new opportunities and act on them. Although it takes risk, our guest, Courtney Millbrook, does not take this risk alone. Courtney has been the executive director of the Lansing Symphony Orchestra for 13 years and her team has been sharing the gift of music with the Greater Lansing community for almost 100 years.

Courtney did not grow up involved in the world of music, but found her skills complemented the business side of the arts. Her talents are not to create, but rather set the stage for the artists. She is upholding a legacy which continues to impact her community. In this episode, we ask: How does Courtney meet the expectations set by her community? And how can we create purpose in an organization that has been around for generations?