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Granting Yourself Permission To Be Creative

Granting Yourself Permission To Be Creative

Do you make time to let your mind wander and explore? And do you make time to do the things that bring you mental refresh? Creativity is different to each person but, this episode, we're talking about making time for creativity in the sense of exploring and experiencing things in a new way. Because that's the kind of creativity that really keeps our minds sharp.

Somewhere along the way, our culture fell into the mindset that more time working = more "success." This is the same logic that all too often forces our creative pursuits to take a back seat. You can't pull time for creativity out of thin air—so, you've gotta grant yourself permission to be creative.

Permission to be creative begins with accepting that there are countless different definitions of creativity. Sure, images of paintbrushes and instruments come to mind when we first hear the word. But creativity means different things to different people. From debating philosophy to looking at a work project from a different angle, creativity isn't always spontaneous or affiliated with the arts. It's simply exploring and experiencing things in a way that's different from what your day-to-day schedule typically allows.

Creativity is important for everyone, and those who are tempted to say they "aren't creative" are often the ones who can benefit from it the most. But how can we give ourselves permission to stop focusing on work (for even just a second) and let our minds wander?

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