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Catching Curiosity: How Asking 'Why' Can Model Empathy And Innovation

Catching Curiosity: How Asking 'Why' Can Model Empathy And Innovation

A child's job is to be curious. They ask about anything and everything, even questions we never thought to consider. But somewhere along the way (often when our careers first take off), that sense of wonder fades. How can curiosity help us out in the workplace when it comes to leading, empathizing, and innovating?

We all aspire for childlike curiosity. From birth, being curious helps us learn about the world around us and teaches us imperative problem solving skills. However, as we get older, it becomes easy to lose our curiosity. Many workplaces frown upon asking too many questions, poking holes in current processes and structures, or wondering, "Why are we doing this?". How does curiosity benefit us our lives and the workplace and why should it be something we practice?

Curiosity has many benefits, from influencing individual creativity and innovation to increased empathy. Like many other skills though, it is something that needs to be practiced. This episode, we sit down to discuss the importance of remaining curious, what it means when we don't feel curious, and ways we can exercise our curiosity.

If you've ever been curious about curiosity, grab your cocktail and tune in.