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Burnout and Overwhelm

Burnout and Overwhelm

When you start to plan a podcast episode and your first sentence is, “I don’t know what day it is,” you know you’ve got a bit of a burnout problem. And when you don’t have time to enjoy the things you normally enjoy, you also know something needs to change. Yet that’s where many professionals — ourselves included — find themselves. This episode, we’re talking about burnout and overwhelm and digging into their root causes.

Burnout often comes in waves — so to prepare, we need to have tools ready to counteract the feelings of stress and anxiety when they hit. Being overwhelmed and experiencing burnout is a toxic duo that weighs down all professionals from time to time. To cope, we often go on autopilot hoping we’ll overcome these stressors over a few weeks or months; but this isn’t an adequate long-term solution. These feelings surpass the general sense of busyness, and have the potential to spread into all areas of our lives.

So, what can we do about it? Does anyone really know how to get out of a burnout cycle? Is there a solution in sight? We may not have a singular, magical answer, but we have some strategies for addressing general feelings of overwhelm. Join us as we discuss our own experiences with combating burnout.