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The Power Of 'Yes': How We Can Break The Routine Of 'No'

The Power Of 'Yes': How We Can Break The Routine Of 'No'

In past episodes, we've talked a lot about setting boundaries and saying "no" more as entrepreneurs. But this episode, believe it or not, we're actually talking about saying "yes" a little more. We'll explore what new opportunities present themselves when we let down our walls a bit, take risks and try new things.

When was the last time you said "yes"? Just an all-out, hesitation-free, no-questions-asked "yes"? Over time, a lot of entrepreneurs get really good at saying "no." Which, as we've discussed in past episodes, is important. But in the process, we can fall into a routine of refusal when it comes to exploration.

We forget that trying new things is almost like the process of falling in love: The enthusiasm we get when we've discovered something for the first time is almost indescribable. We talk about it nonstop, as if we were the first person to ever discover it. It's whimsical and wonderful. It keeps us young.

This episode, we discuss how we can keep this feeling of discovery present in our lives by saying "yes"; how to tell when the reward outweighs the risk; and the "yes" answers that made us who we are today.