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Risk Tolerance: Roller Coasters and Business Ownership

Risk Tolerance: Roller Coasters and Business Ownership

Where would we rate ourselves on a risk tolerance scale? Very, very high. I think in some ways, you have to be risk tolerant in order to be an entrepreneur. And, frankly, there are major advantages to taking chances.

Risk is a roller coaster, and we all have different tolerance levels. As entrepreneurs, we believe the more risk you take on, the better the rewards. But the flip side, of course, is the heightened consequences if the risk doesn’t pay off.

The roller coaster of risk has many ups and downs, but it is ultimately your decision whether or not to get on the ride. The amount of risk you can take depends on a lot of factors but, if done thoughtfully and with the right amount of due diligence, risk can be a safe and necessary investment.

This episode, we discuss what things we’re willing to take risks on, and which shouldn’t involve any risk whatsoever. We talk about how we navigate risk, and share our secrets for remaining willing to take chances and try new ideas. Join us.