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Difficult Decisions

Difficult Decisions

Have you ever had a decision to make where all available choices seem bad? Or one where you truly don't know the right answer? Us too. Truth is, the further you get in your career (or life) the more weight decisions can take on. Sometimes it's just plain hard.

Hiring an employee. Expanding your office. Choosing a Bloody Mary garnish. As entrepreneurs, our lives are full of decisions (big and small). But the big, difficult decisions that truly impact people's lives can be hard pills to swallow.

Challenging decisions are inherent in leadership. It's pretty much a part of the job description. In times or trouble or uncertainty, it's our responsibility to be decisive and guide our team in (what we hope to be) the right direction. But it's not as always as simple as yes and no. How can we force ourselves to make a choice on the big-picture, emotional decisions that come along with being business leaders?

Classifying these situations as choices rather than decisions works wonders. Decisions are heavy; choices put us in a position of power. If we work at it, we can shift our brains to see these challenging instances as opportunities for growth and learning.

This episode, we share our own complicated and somewhat nonlinear decision-making processes, as well as the monumental distinction between a decision and a choice.