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Relevance And The Mid-Career-ness Of It All

Relevance And The Mid-Career-ness Of It All

Industries are constantly evolving. Tools of the trade, tactics and distribution methodologies are sometimes here today and gone tomorrow. And as you become more of an expert in your field, it's easy to lean on your tried-and-true methods to get shit done. The question becomes, "How do I stay relevant as my career and industry evolve?"

When you hit that mid-career mark, it can feel as though you've seen it all. You've gained a solid grasp on who you are: your leadership style, your values, your purpose. You've learned how your team gets into a groove, and what it takes for you all to produce your best work. You wonder: Why should we change, and mess with a good thing? To stay relevant, that's why.

Having a solid sense of who you are and where your skills lie is great. Still, in order to best serve your clients, you've got to keep up with new innovations in your industry as they evolve. And, yes–sometimes that means shifting out of your well-established comfort zone.

This episode, we're talking about what it takes to stay relevant in areas that are truly meaningful. What's the difference between simply following trends and staying relevant in our careers? When does relevancy matter, and when should we go against the grain?