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Philosophy for Efficacy

Philosophy for Efficacy

As you all know, we have been honing our creative strategy skills for over two decades. At this point, we know when creative works and when it doesn’t. But how can you tell? Join us as we dive into our philosophy for efficacy.

Is there a formula to measure efficacy? Or is it wizardry? When it comes to developing creative content, we’ve developed some formulas over the years that usually create specific, intended results for video and marketing materials. But these formulas didn’t just magically appear — they come from years of trial and error, adjustment and readjustment, and strategic problem solving.

Every piece of content affects its audience differently, but we always want them to make the viewer feel something. It is both art and science in the sense that you start with your end goal and work backward to achieve the best creative results. This episode, we talk about our specific philosophies for how to be successful and create quality content for clients, without sacrificing our values.