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Drink: Paloma

Before you say "I'm not a tequila drinker," try Paloma. Refreshing with all the right notes of tequila and lime juice, this drink is an upscale version of the classic margarita. And the Himalayan sea salt around the rim adds a nice, rosy touch.


  • 2 oz. Espolon Blanco Tequila
  • 1 oz. grapefruit juice
  • 3/4 oz. fresh lime juice
  • 1/2 oz. simple syrup
  • 1 oz. club soda
  • Himalayan salt
  • Lime wedges for garnish


  1. Moisten the outer rim of a highball glass with a lime wedge and coat lightly with Himalayan salt. Fill with ice.
  2. Fill a cocktail shaker with ice and add tequila, grapefruit, lime juice, and simple syrup.
  3. Shake well and strain into the ice-filled glass.
  4. Stir in club soda and garnish with a lime wedge.

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