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Love Potion No. 9

Drink: Love Potion No. 9

Nothing screams "fake it till you make it" quite like Love Potion No. 9. (Luckily, this version doesn't smell like turpentine like the one in the song.) Pink lemonade, Aviation American Gin, orange bitters and a splash of grenadine come together to create a syrupy sweet cocktail designed for slow sipping. Add a little more pink lemonade if you'd like to smooth out the flavor.


  • 1 oz. Aviation American Gin
  • 1 oz. pink lemonade
  • 2 drops orange bitters
  • A splash of grenadine


Add gin, bitters and grenadine in a mixing glass. Add ice and stir ingredients. Pour in a small glass and add pink lemonade and ice cubes.

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