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Is 'Fake It Till You Make It' Bullsh*t?

Is 'Fake It Till You Make It' Bullsh*t?

Everyone's heard the advice "fake it till you make it." Our younger selves even used it as a mantra walking into meetings from time to time. But is it solid advice or bullshit?

Sure, faking it can get you to the point of making it. (Whatever "making it" implies.) But once you've wowed that boss, hiring manager or team with your quick-thinking wit (read: bullshit), what's next?

You suddenly get a sinking feeling in your soul when it hits you: you actually have to deliver on your promises.

Don't get us wrong, faking it isn't always a bad thing. For those just starting out in their careers hoping to build a foundation or try something new, saying "yes" a few too many times is often necessary. And, in our personal lives, faking it helps save someone's feelings or ease a situation almost daily. Still, it's a slippery slope that hinges on context.

This episode, we're walking the fine line between faking it for good, and faking it for evil. In what situations can faking it be a good thing, and when is it unethical? And what do we do once we do, indeed, make it?