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Celebrating Other People’s Success

Celebrating Other People’s Success

Winning isn’t everything. It feels good and is easy to celebrate, but what happens when you don’t go home with the trophy? Learning to celebrate the success of others, including your competitors, is a lesson in grace. Letting go of contempt against your competition allows you to take a look at your own work without poisoning it with the comparison to others. You might just find that you can see your own growth more clearly. This week, we talk about the lessons that come with celebrating the successes of others.

What difference would it make in your work if you celebrated the success of others? Being happy for someone who has something you want takes practice. It also takes patience with yourself. When we shift away from envying our competition, we abandon a scarcity mindset that brings pressure and negativity into our work and prohibits our own growth.

At first, it feels easier to critique somebody else’s win, but it ultimately takes less energy to acknowledge their achievement. By abandoning an “us versus them” mentality, you might find yourself in a healthier headspace. In this episode, we talk about how practicing this mindset makes it much more fun to watch someone thrive than it is to watch them fail.