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I’m Not the Hot Young Thing Anymore

I’m Not the Hot Young Thing Anymore

As we sit here planning episodes, our younger, cooler staff are in the next room laughing through a video shoot of cocktails. These are the same people who know all the pop culture references and memes, right? Right. When did WE become the ones working the spreadsheets?

It’s impossible to stay the “hot young thing” forever, but how can we reevaluate our skills and goals to better match who we are as leaders today, while keeping an agile, inventive mindset? We love seeing our staff create ideas and solve problems in ways we never expected, so we hope to fine tune their passions and act as mentors on their journey. However, what is our secret to mastering the new role we play and how does it contribute to the larger picture?

The answer is a well-oiled and functioning team. That’s right, we’re just the older fun ones now. Join us as we discuss our new path in the creative industry.