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Yes, And — Guiding Creativity And Exploring Everything

Yes, And — Guiding Creativity And Exploring Everything

As principals of creative studios, we help our teams channel creativity into successful final products. At the same time, it's also our job to ensure creativity isn’t inefficient, wasteful, or off the mark. How can we channel (or reign in) creativity?

We hear a lot about the "creative industry" — but what makes a certain business, team, or idea "creative"? Creativity is as subjective as we make it, and it manifests itself in many forms.

For one, creativity is how we foster innovative work environments amongst our staff. We want to grow our team's creativity while ensuring that they know the end goal and boundaries of the client. But this can be tricky; when should we let ourselves run, and when should we come back to reality?

Externally, another angle of creativity is problem-solving for our clients. Entrepreneurs (and any keen businesspeople, really) are constantly searching for ways to deliver clients more than they ask for. We want to give them what they want, while also showing them what else we could do that might benefit their end goals. This is the "Yes, and" of creativity: taking the initial idea one step further.

With our internal teams, how can we promote creativity without falling victim to ineffective creativity? And externally, where can we find inventive solutions for our clients to better reach their goals? We're talking creativity in all of its forms in this week's episode.

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