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When Things Go Wrong

When Things Go Wrong

It doesn't matter how seasoned you are as a business owner, how stacked your creative team is or how much your clients love you. Things will go wrong. It could be a bad judgment call or full-on wheels falling off the bus. And when trouble comes, leadership really steps in.

Responsibility is inherent in leadership. When something goes wrong on your team, all roads lead to your desk. People look to you to boost morale, patch the mistakes and devise a plan to move forward. This can be stressful, or this can be empowering. Usually it's both.

Chances are, every entrepreneur has more than a few memories of a time when everything fell apart. Someone dropped the ball, missed a deadline, or threw a wrench in your carefully prepared plan. Over time, we learned how to react when the dominos start falling: take a deep breath and figure out what you can do right now to fix the problem.

We all experience missteps. This episode, we talk about how we can correct our mistakes and redirect our team's course in times of trouble.