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Strategy Series 20: Creating Vs. Launching Your Brand

Strategy Series
Strategy Series 20: Creating Vs. Launching Your Brand

There's a lot to consider when rebranding your business. It's an exciting opportunity, but it's also a lot of work. While both creation and launch phases are exciting, these are distinct tasks that require special attention. This Strategy Series, Jen discusses the differences between these stages, and what we should keep in mind when building and going public with a rebrand.

Creating a brand and launching a brand are exciting and important moments for your business. They present opportunities to elevate your work, change direction if necessary, and take new steps forward. But these monumental and transitional tasks require a strategic approach.

What's the difference between new brand creation and the actual brand launch? How can we think outside the box when it comes to releasing our new brand to the public?

Jen breaks down the difference between creating your brand vs. launching your brand from a strategic perspective. We also talk about different types of rebrands, and the top factors to keep in mind during a brand rollout. Whether or not a rebrand is in your future, this is the episode for you.