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Strategy Series 18: Branding Strong Cities

Strategy Series
Strategy Series 18: Branding Strong Cities

Every city has a brand — but the strength of that brand is dependent on the city. How can we use branding to our advantage to build a more memorable and iconic city that people want to visit? Jen discusses in this week's Strategy Series.

Brand awareness goes beyond big-name products and companies — it reaches to the neighborhoods we live in and the streets we walk. When you can find a way to harness strategic branding to your advantage, you're able to sell anything. And a strong city brand makes for an even stronger city.

Beyond consistency and cohesiveness, building a strong brand for a city helps build awareness. It helps establish a community-minded, proud atmosphere, and provides visual identifiers for both lifelong residents and weekend visitors. A city's brand can even identify itself in our senses when walking or driving around, through sound, smell, and taste that are linked to memory. If we have a positive experience linked with these senses in a certain location, we'll be more likely to return for a second visit.

This Strategy Series, we chat about how marketing, strategy, and branding can build up cities to make them stronger and more memorable.