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Strategy Series 15: Honoring Efficacy and Efficiency

Strategy Series
Strategy Series 15: Honoring Efficacy and Efficiency

This minisode, we're breaking down project planning from start to finish. How can we ensure that we are meeting our clients' expectations, while staying realistic about their vision? How do we set ourselves up for success during the start of a project so our work is reflected in the end result?

Working in a client-based industry means that, first and foremost, we are problem solvers. Our clients come to us with specific goals, visions, or a problems to be solved, and it is our job to deliver a successful end product that does just that. Our ability to create the best product possible means working in the most efficient and effective manner we can, while also being realistic about client expectations and what we can provide.

Karen uses a recent example from her own work to discuss her approach to project management. From efficacy to efficiency, we chat about strategies for approaching projects with equal parts realism and optimism.