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A Post-Election Check In

Strategy Series
A Post-Election Check In

This minisode is a reminder to check in with one another. Recorded after the election but before results were determined, we use this mini episode as an outlet to air our feelings, share observations of life as we see it right now. And, wow – what a week it's been.

There's no doubt that the results of the presidential election will have a direct impact on our work and the businesses we work with. There's also no doubt that this has been an utterly exhausting, overwhelming, frustrating, confusing, and scary week. This minisode, we switch things up a bit by taking a moment to check in with one another and share our feelings, post-election.

What led us here as a country, and what do we think could happen next? As parents, what are we doing to communicate this situation to our children? What do we do now? We get it all out there in the open.

Note: This minisode was recorded on Thursday, Nov. 7, 2020 – after the election, but before final results were determined.