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Cleaning Up Your Brand Language

Strategy Series
Cleaning Up Your Brand Language

Language is changing fast. We're all forming new habits and norms through texts and tweets, along with new levels of scrutiny brought on by our current cultural shifts. That's why it's worth taking the time to make some smart decisions about how your brand speaks — online, in formal materials, and in person.

In the marketing world, language is one of the top tools for impactful and effective communication. As communicators, it is important that our brand language develops with the world around us. Not only does it help our brands stay relevant, but it helps them grow stronger and more idealized.

In this week's Strategy Series mini episode, Jen breaks down the nuances of how language is developing and how we can apply cultural shifts in language to our brands. From finding what forms of acceptable language work for your brand to tightening up that elevator pitch, Jen covers it all and more.