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Leveraging Your Brand Values

Strategy Series
Leveraging Your Brand Values

At the end of the day, your organization and brand comes down to its values. Knowing your values and clearly articulating them not only helps improve your business, but improves your community as well. In our third Strategy Series episode, Jen walks us through a quick exercise to get your corporate values in shape.

Do you know what your organization values? Does your staff? What about your customers? This week's Strategy Series episode explores the importance of knowing your business's values, and how you can demonstrate these values through action.

Jen uses her personal experience to discuss the foundational importance of clearly defined and outlined brand values. Listen in for actionable steps you can take to outline your values while making them presentable and digestible for others. Not only will you leave the episode with a way to better organize your company values, but you'll also learn easy ways to use them to market your business.