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Strategy Series 02: New Rules for Filming

Strategy Series
Strategy Series 02: New Rules for Filming

Looking for quick bites of business advice? We've got you covered. Introducing the Speak Easy Strategy Series: minisodes that give you an actionable shot in the arm on all things marketing, media, and management.

Anyone who has worked with or on a videography team knows the amount of work that goes into a shoot. From organizing locations to shooting in tight spaces, Karen and her team manage to keep things running smoothly regardless of the circumstances. But COVID-19 is flipping the script on many best practices in the film world. How can we return to filming during a pandemic?

In the second episode of our Strategy Series, Karen discusses how her team plans to keep everyone safe as they gradually return to live filming. What does the global pandemic mean for preproduction planning? How does technology play a role in new adaptations? What creative solutions can we take to keep our distance, if we aren’t ready for live filming? Karen gives us the answers – because the show must go on.