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Making And Breaking The Rules

Making And Breaking The Rules

Are you a rule breaker or a rule follower? We're a little of both we suppose, but it depends on context. For creatives and entrepreneurs alike, there are times when breaking the rules has proved to be the right thing to do. When is breaking the rules not only okay, but necessary?

Sure, some (okay, a lot) of rules are necessary. Like rules backed by data, or rules that keep us from dying. As much as our punk-rock alter egos would like to disagree, we need rules to keep it all together and create a safe environment. The tricky part is determining which rules are solid, and which are kind of BS.

One thing most entrepreneurs have in common is the tendency to sidestep rules. Traditional corporate rules don't complement every mind; when the rulebook has been made up by someone else, it can feel impossible to follow. Still, entrepreneurial rebellion is a blessing and a curse: while it drives innovation, it can be incredibly difficult to determine whether we should listen to our gut or trust others' expertise.

This episode, we're overruling rules. Yes, some rules were made to be broken–but can entrepreneurs take this manta too far? Where do we draw the line between "innovative" and "angsty"? (And can those be the same thing?)