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Hitting Reset After Hitting The Brink

Hitting Reset After Hitting The Brink

Do you ever feel pushed to the brink, overwhelmed or anxious as a business owner? As entrepreneurs, we're often operating at a very high level for extended periods of time. And then, as parents, we finish our work day to pick up our second (or sometimes third) gig. So how can we recover?

For entrepreneurs, the candle is usually burning at both ends. We're leading our businesses by day, leading our families (and often still our businesses, thanks to technology) by night and on the weekend. It's this constant engagement, mentally and physically, that excites us. And it's also this constant engagement that taxes us the most.

Don't get us wrong–as entrepreneurs, we seek this sense of ongoing adventure. No two days are the same, and our high risk tolerance put us in a position that’s prone to hardships in the first place. Still, after a while, daily stress and hardships can wear on us. So we need to be prepared.

This week, we're talking recovery: preparing for and bouncing back from inevitable stress and hardship. What go-to tactics can we use to recover from day-to-day stress, aside from slapping on a face mask and calling it self-care? What’s more, how can we brace ourselves for major low cycles in our lives and roll with the punches, big and small?

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