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Professionalism is dead

Professionalism is dead

Did you hear? Professionalism is dead! There are no more rules, and everything goes! Sound great? Or not so much? Listen in as we discuss the many aspects of professionalism.

As office cultures go, both Redhead and Render are pretty darn chill, and we're both proud of that. But we've noticed that business has slowly gotten so casual that at times, it's almost unprofessional. When it comes to relaxed business standards, how far is too far? Where is the line between pleasantly easygoing and dangerously sloppy?

We discuss why you should have that unpleasant conversation as soon as you possibly can, what you should (and should not) consider in written communications, and a host of other aspects of professionalism that make us both twitch. And we do it while sipping scotch like the bosses we are.