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Leading with Your Personal Values

Leading with Your Personal Values

Everyone has values regardless of whether you’ve explored and articulated them or not. When we spend time with people, we can almost see their personal values come alive. They really are at the core of our identities and have influence beyond what we often acknowledge. We discuss what it means to lead with your personal values.

If you’ve listened to our podcast before, you know that we never miss an opportunity to discuss our values. They’re the foundation for how we function as individuals and as professionals. As business owners, our values are what creates a cohesive and sustainable space for employees and customers, but they also act as boundaries. However, it’s important to take a moment to ask yourself and your team: Are we actively practicing these values?

It takes time and consistency to translate your values into action. But having declared and well-executed values allows for greater unity overall, and a stronger end-product – whatever industry you’re in. Join us as we discuss our own values, in life and in business, as well as how we can determine these with our own teams.