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Performing When The Pressure's On

Performing When The Pressure's On

Everyone is faced with pressure to perform in life. No matter what our career is, we all want to be successful – but with success and with growth comes pressure. How do we cope with the pressure to perform when we really don’t have the answers?

Businesses across industries have faced countless challenges this year – and in the face of those challenges comes the pressure to perform, no matter the circumstances. We're talking about performing under pressure, regardless of whether or not we have the answers. How can we keep up with our own standards, and how can we get through this all the "right" way? (If there even is a "right" way?)

In this episode, we share our own experiences of performing despite not having all of the answers. We unpack how to identify what we know, and we admit what we don't know and where we have room for growth. What pressures drive entrepreneurs and small business owners to make difficult decisions, especially during difficult times? How do we follow our gut instinct when external factors might be giving us conflicting signals?

All that and more in our episode on performing when the pressure's on.