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Fighting For What Matters Most — Featuring Guest Paula Herbart

Fighting For What Matters Most — Featuring Guest Paula Herbart

It would not be an exaggeration to say this episode’s guest is a force of nature. From the classroom to the podium to the negotiating table, Michigan Education President Paula Herbart has been a champion for children, education, and justice her entire life. This week, we sat down with Paula to discuss what matters most to her, her role on Governor Whitmer's Return to Learn Advocacy Council, and the importance of fighting for equity in education.

Our newest guest, Paula Herbart, knows a thing or two about leading through uncertainty.

As president of the Michigan Education Association, the shifting K-12 landscape led Paula to further reevaluate the changes that need to take place in education, particularly regarding equal access to lesson plans, food and health. Paula has long believed that the right to a quality education is the base for many civil rights in our country, and that this is currently at risk.

Over the past months, few sectors have been forced to adapt quite as much as education–but Paula is always up for a challenge. Instead of seeing the pandemic solely as a predicament, she believes we can turn this moment into a movement. As leaders, how can we replicate this thinking in our own industries? How can we identify the deep-rooted issues or inequities in our work, and fix the things that matter for good?

We sit down with Paula to chat about her story, her perspective, and opportunities to make the education sector a more equitable place.

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