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Life balance is a fucking lie

Life balance is a fucking lie

Today we reveal five simple steps to finally achieving life balance! // Look in the mirror and repeat these words: Life Balance is a Fucking Lie. // Feel better?

Here's the deal, much of the time, balance is unattainable. There. We said it. Life pulls you in one direction or the other and other people's plans or needs get in your way and suddenly you turn around and you haven't eaten any spinach in days. Or you have a week that's so full of networking events and late deadlines that you have no hope of running a smooth household. And we won't even pretend we make enough time for the self care we know we should be doing.

But we think finding balance might be about your measuring stick. Do you measure daily, weekly, monthly? Is there a method to attaining balance that works for you and keeps you sane? In this episode, we chat about what that looks like for us.