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The Role that Joy Plays in Leadership

The Role that Joy Plays in Leadership

Oh boy. We are tackling a topic that can be tricky in a post-COVID, pre-recession workplace: joy. While we acknowledge that not all people feel joy in the workplace, we really want to consider how bringing a bit of joy can impact our work and our day-to-day experience. After all, we are adaptive to change and, as employers, we know it is our job to lead that change. Join us as we talk about the role that joy plays in leadership, and how we can tap into that joy.

A balanced life involves joy: that feeling of shared positivity, satisfaction from a job well done, or just plain giddiness. But how do we lead with it?

As we transition into new seasons with our teams, this is a question we’ve been asking ourselves a lot. Joy doesn’t just arrive at your doorstep; the balanced, authentic skill of joy takes practice and requires you to slow down, pause, and reflect. Joy requires living in the moment. And in leadership role, it’s important to remember that your joy (or lack thereof) sets the tone for the workplace.

Joy comes in many shapes and sizes, but learning to harness it in a position of leadership can help create a balanced and fulfilled workplace. Join us as we discuss our best practices for how to identify, harness, and lead with joy.