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What Our Kids Have Taught Us About Clients

What Our Kids Have Taught Us About Clients

By nature, kids live impulsively and it is our job to save them from themselves—and while they have so much to learn as they grow, they are also teaching us great life lessons along the way. Between us, we have kids that are just out of diapers and nearly out of high school—all of whom have taught us a lot about human nature and informed how we think about clients.

Kids are people, too. Understanding their intricacies and helping them grow not only fosters patience, but it provides great insight into effectively nurturing client relationships. In this episode, we explore why some clients really are like toddlers, what their ah-ha moments mean to us, and how we can learn from them as much as they might learn from us.

One of the big recurring themes in this podcast is relationships—they are so important. While it might seem that what we "sell" is our creative talent, it's clear that how we interact with our clients can really affect the end result. We'll be honest—some client relationships are more complicated than others. But when we apply some skills we probably learned from a parenting how-to book, we find it can make even the most challenging teenage client relationship more fruitful.

This episode, we drink what might be the best thematic cocktail yet: The Last Word. (Something we never seem to get with our children.)