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Impatience is a Virtue

Impatience is a Virtue

Genetically, we are both in the shallow end of the patience pool. As creatives we have big ideas and are driven by results, so it can be a challenge to wait for all the steps between A and Z. Are entrepreneurs impatient by nature? And, if so, how can we use that restlessness to our advantage?

Impatience gets a bad rap. In the professional world, we often forget that impatience is the driving force behind getting any project off the ground. If a business leader is too patient, they could overthink the situation, brainstorm for weeks, and never actually roll up their sleeves to get things started.

Yet, while we all need a little impatience to drive our ideas forward, there needs to be a balance between impatiently launching countless projects and taking the time to research effective methods.

This is where patience can be a challenge for many of us in the creative industry: we can see the end result so clearly in our minds, but we can sometimes be impatient about the logistical steps necessary to get there. Yes, making is the fun part. Finding the harmony between letting the creative juices flow and doing the grunt work that will eliminate issues later on? That's the sweet spot.

This episode, we share our own experiences with impatience: when it paid off, when it didn't, and tips for stopping and smelling the roses instead of desperately itching for them to grow.