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It Doesn’t Matter How You Got There

It Doesn’t Matter How You Got There

The path to becoming an entrepreneur is different for everyone. Karen knew business ownership would be in her future, while Jen did not. Yet here they are, in a very similar spot. Join us as we discuss imposter syndrome, taking risks, and making your business your own.

Every individual has their own path toward their professional career. Aspects of academics, lifestyles, and family expectations all integrate to direct a person toward a career that best suits them. In the case of entrepreneurship, people use their individual experiences to fuel their careers. Karen grew up with parents and siblings who were entrepreneurs, and she knew that was a professional choice she aimed for. Jen did not expect to become her own boss, but learned through early jobs that she was capable and had the skill set.

In this episode, we discuss that there is no correct path to become an entrepreneur –– but by understanding your skills and the genre of business, you can be a successful business owner.