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Working With Guilt: Why We Feel It And How To Manage It

Working With Guilt: Why We Feel It And How To Manage It

This episode, we have a juicy topic for you: guilt. It's a powerful emotion. We’ve all experienced guilt, sometimes more than others. How does guilt play a role in our personal and professional lives during this work-from-home extravaganza we’re currently in?

Times are tricky right now. 2020 continues to deliver change and challenges, and a lot of people are experiencing newfound stress and guilt in their work-from-home lives. We are feeling guilty for not spending enough time with our families, on our businesses, in our communities, or learning a new hobby. There is so much uncertainty, which leads to a collective self-consciousness that only feeds into that guilt and makes us feel isolated.

This week, we discuss all of the things we're feeling guilty about since we started working from home. We talk candidly about why it's been such a struggle for us, and how we can work to combat feelings of guilt. If nothing else, this episode will probably help you feel a little less alone. Sit back, grab a cocktail and relax with this episode. (Guilt-free, of course).