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Crying at the Office

Crying at the Office

Crying at work is a controversial professional topic. Is it good or bad? Does it depend on if you are a man or woman? Does it matter if you do it privately or publically? We're both people who show emotions pretty readily, so we're pulling back the curtain on crying at work.

There are tears of frustration and tears of empathy and tears of joy. And then there are those big fat ugly cries you have sometimes—definitely with the office door closed. Both of us have been known to cry at the office. And in front of clients. And to each other while simply listening to a particularly poignant story from the trenches. So we’ve decided to talk about one of those topics that people pretty much avoid at the office.

And we do it all while sipping some bubbly. Just the right thing to lift a mood? More glam than crying into your beer? Regardless, head over to the recipes section to see brut done beautifully.