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The Fine Line Between Critique And Criticism

The Fine Line Between Critique And Criticism

Criticism. We often just don't want to hear it, particularly when it's ill-informed or unkind. What is the difference between criticism and critique? Learning to communicate–and listen–with grace is a pretty powerful skill.

We know, we know; at the end of the day, critique and criticism are beneficial. They help drive us forward. Push us out of our comfort zones. Make us the best versions of ourselves. Then why are critique and criticism sometimes difficult to give and receive?

Turns out, there's a world of difference between criticism and critique. Criticism comes a dime a dozen (especially in the comments section online), but a quality, constructive critique is rare. At the same time, we all have inherent tendencies to approach these differently depending on our environment; when we're at home, critique looks different than it does at work.

On the receiving end, how can we distinguish between criticism and critique and use them to our advantage? And when we're dishing out suggestions, how can we ensure we're doing so as a productive form of critique?