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Following Creative Trends

Following Creative Trends

When you have an event and need something to wear, do you go with a classic or jump into something fun and trendy? Identifying when to follow a creative trend or stick with a classic can be tricky. But if you do it right, you can strike gold.

Creative ideas are not to be underestimated; a lot of critical inventions we couldn't see ourselves living without today started as simple trends. Someone, somewhere comes up with an innovative idea that's fresh and unique—but only a few trends truly stick.

It's not always clear whether something will stand the test of time or lose its thunder. After all, there was a time when an entire corporation thought Crystal Pepsi would last forever. So what differentiates a solid creative idea from an ephemeral fad?

For us, it comes down to productivity and client service. Unless a trend's helping achieve our purpose and goals, it's not worth following. This episode, we discuss how we can focus on creating great work first, and follow trends second. (As tempting as some fads may be.)