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The Inevitability of Busy

The Inevitability of Busy

It's inevitable that there are more demands on your time than you can realistically handle. If your business, projects and family schedules are anything like ours, your calendar is often full to the brim. But you can either complain about it, or accept it and move on.

We're all busy. That's inevitable across nearly every industry. But when we've got too much on our plates, we need to keep in mind that we're the ones who piled it up with all of the (delicious-looking) things.

As entrepreneurs, we've gotten used to seeing a full calendar as a good sign. In a way, it makes us think that we're bringing in new clients and expanding our businesses. While there's truth to this, busy does not equate to successful. There comes a point when we need to quit telling people how busy we are and just get the job done.

Instead of talking about how many things we have to do like it's a badge of honor (or to generate some weird sort of sympathy), how can we simply conquer the task at hand? This episode, we're sharing our tips and experiences for working smarter, not harder: how to prioritize your time, streamline whatever you can and focus on what's really important.