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Disintegration of Boundaries

Disintegration of Boundaries

The disintegration of boundaries seems to permeate our cultural landscape these days. No, we're not getting political on you. We operate in similar but distinct spaces and are not competitors of one another; however, our competition is increasingly the same. This can put us in precarious positions when looking for strategic partnerships. Yep. What do you do when your prospective vendor is also your competitor?

The balance between being multidisciplinary and unfocused can be a really fine line. When marketer Jen and producer Karen find they have competitors in common, it strikes us both as odd. We personally find our fields to be very deeply expert-driven and can’t imagine how someone could be excellent at both. Are we stuck in an old paradigm? Or are we right to see the inherent flaws of being a jane-of-all-trades?

In this episode, we may or may not have a thing or two to say about canned fruit in heavy syrup. We explore what it means to be focused in the creative industry, why people sometimes tend to spread their talents thin, and what has brought us here. What is it the evil genius said in The Incredibles? When everyone is super, no one is.

Speaking of evil geniuses, check out our delish drink, El Presidente. It’s topped with an orange garnish.