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How To Face Big, Scary, Intentional Changes

How To Face Big, Scary, Intentional Changes

Do you know that feeling in your stomach when you are a little excited and a little afraid and you really don't know what is going to happen? Yep, super uncomfortable! But also kind of thrilling. It tends to happen when something big is coming. This episode, we're talking about making a big change. How big? When? How?

Change is always an emotional process—but intentional changes evoke a different kind of feeling. It's the big package of emotions that come along with being in the driver's seat of our own decisions.

We're not talking about day-to-day decisions like choosing what to eat or even which new hobby to take up. We're talking about those rare, monumental decisions that will forever alter the course of our lives: moving across the country, entering a new industry, expanding our families. And while these intentional changes are endlessly exciting, they are really, really difficult.

Over time we've learned that big changes don't begin when you first take action. They begin long before that, when you open up your mind to the prospect of change in the first place. During this part of the process, we often ask ourselves: are we ready? We don't want to spoil anything but, turns out, nobody's ever really ready. We could wait weeks, months or years for the universe to send us some sign or prompt that may never come. So once we've identified that we want to take action on a big change, how can we rip off the Band-Aid and just do it, already?

This episode, we talk about contemplating, mapping and finally acting on those big, monumental, scary (but worth it) life changes.