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Assess, Reset, Refocus

Assess, Reset, Refocus

Remember that time when we thought the turbulent white water that is business ownership was temporary? When COVID, business loss, and social upheaval surrounded us, we often came back to that elusive phrase, “Things will quiet down soon.” But, as usual, new things come up, and today we’re facing inflation, a shrinking economy and tired, anxious human beings all around us. Oh gosh – the new year has us hitting the pause button so hard right now! Join us and take a deep breath.

We don’t like new years resolutions, but we do like setting goals.

Setting goals and achieving them instantly is not realistic. It takes time and persistence to change our habits and routines. In the business world, Q1 and Q4, have expectations which come with them. How do we switch gears as business owners? Refocusing and creating short-term and long-term goals can make our objectives more attainable.Change is uncomfortable, but by sitting in the discomfort we can truly commit and create meaningful change. Join us as we discuss our business goals and tips for how to reset in 2023.