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The Willis

Drink: The Willis

Named after our guest Rachel Willis, The Willis is a mocktail that still packs a punch. Grove 42 Seedlip (a nonalcoholic spirit), grenadine, club soda and a splash of OJ come together to make this drink fun and flavorful. And, of course, you can always modify the recipe by adding the booze of your choice without sacrificing the taste. With a beautiful red-orange color and a smooth taste, what's not to like?


  • Grove 42 Seedlip
  • Grenadine
  • Club soda
  • A splash of orange juice
  • An orange wheel, to garnish


  1. Pour a splash of orange juice to bottom of a glass.
  2. Add in the Seedlip and grenadine, and stir.
  3. Top off with ice and club soda.
  4. Add the orange wheel garnish and enjoy!