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Bloody Mary

Drink: Bloody Mary

We usually think of a Bloody Mary as a morning cocktail. But it can also be just the drink you need when everything gets a little messy. Our recipe includes a couple of our favorite Michigan-made boozes and an array of go-to garnishes, including (but not limited to) dilly beans, pearl onions, green olives and sausages.


  • 6 oz. Brewt's Bloody Mary Mix
  • 1.5 oz. Detroit City Distillery Vodka
  • Various garnishes, to your liking

Karen's garnishes: Dilly beans, asparagus, pearl onion, olive and lemon wedge. (I don't have an issue with celery, either.)

Jen's garnishes: Dilly beans, cheese, green olives, some form of sausage and a pickle.


  1. Stir together Bloody Mary mix and vodka
  2. Pour mixture into a glass with ice
  3. Add celery stick, parsley or other preferred garnishes

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